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Ange Finn, Founder and Owner of Tap Into Yourself

Are you tired of feeling stuck--and ready to change that? 


If you're like most of my clients, you're a person who values results.  You pride yourself on achieving, and you have a strong work ethic. You probably even have a set of coping skills that has worked well for you for a while.

And yet.

Something isn't working now. You've encountered a challenge you can't resolve. Or you feel stuck in a pattern and unable to make a change. Maybe your head and your heart aren't on the same page. Or maybe, you've simply outgrown your coping skills.

This situation is probably making you feel tired and frustrated. Possibly even exhausted and overwhelmed. Something's got to change, but you're not sure what or how. You're ready to try something new.

Are you constantly using more energy than you have, just to manage your stress levels, your to-do list, your physical health, your feelings and emotions? 

Are you coping with a past that keeps you from moving forward in the now?  Do you still struggle with physical discomfort or poor health, even though you're doing everything "right"? 

Do you feel there's more to life that you're not experiencing?

That was me.

That was me in 2007--the year I was introduced to EFT--Emotional Freedom Techniques, aka Tapping. 

It's not me any more.  And it doesn't have to be you any more either.

Request a complimentary intro call if you're ready to learn more!

You want to feel better.

I'm pretty sure I know why you've come to this page.  You're struggling with a problem.  You may be a curious person who's open to new, effective ways of caring for your wellbeing--or you might feel skeptical, but determined to investigate something you've heard about.

You may have seen my videos, heard about me from a client, or want to learn more about me as an EFT practitioner.

You've probably tried several things for what's bothering you, but you're still feeling that something more needs to be done.  And you very much want to create more peace, more calm, more harmony, and more success in your life.

You want connection.  You want to be heard. And you definitely want results

Request your complimentary intro call now if you're ready for results

I get it.

I've been there.  My life appeared fine, even "successful".  But inside I felt uneasy, distracted and tense.  I couldn't shake anxiety, worry, recurring patterns of behavior that I knew weren't healthy.  And I wondered what it would be like to feel good. 

I wanted to have a Wow life--but it felt like I was stuck in an Ow pattern.

I had studied and used mind-body techniques since I was 17--yoga, meditation, healthy eating, visualization, positive thinking, and on and on.  I'd also had counseling to help heal old wounds. I had supportive friends and family. But inside I wasn't feeling the way I wanted to feel.

Something wasn't clicking.

When I began to use tapping--it clicked.

Since I became an AAMET-certified EFT practitioner in 2010, I've worked with people like you to help them find the results they are searching for.  They're better at handling things:  their businesses, their emotions, their pain, their relationships, their energy. They are more resilient, feeling more balanced.

Sometimes it's hard work, and it's always deep work. But if you're ready to do the work to get the results...

I know that you CAN do it. 

Working with me, you'll learn HOW to do it. 

And you'll have the SUPPORT to keep doing it.

If tapping sounds like something you'd like to explore further, I would be honored to work with you. 

I've created resources for you at several levels, up to and including extended work with me to create more peace, harmony and energy in your life through this technique.

For free resources to get you started, look here and here.  And you can Subscribe to my newsletter now to get first look at new resources as I create them.

For a complimentary 20-minute consultation about how tapping can help, contact me to set up a phone call.


What it's like to work with me.

I know you have many options for doing your personal work, whether it's EFT or another method.  So I asked my clients to help me convey to you what it's like to have EFT sessions with me. 


Here's what they feel in our sessions:

"Safe and secure"

"Treading lightly around sensitive subjects"

"Confidence to take those methods and do them independently with the same results"

"Heard and understood"

"Safe to explore denied feelings and emotions"  

And what they say about my approach and the environment I create for my clients:

"Compassionate and caring nature" 

"Sound professional advice and methods" 

"Soothing and reassuring, with so much empathy"

"Feeling I can face my situation and take control"


 If this sounds like the approach and environment you'd like, contact me for a complimentary call.

You're wondering what results people experience?

Results like these...

K was still suffering some physical after-effects of surgery, long after they should have resolved.  She told me her problem was "annoying", was interfering with her life, and she wanted to be free of the stress it caused.  We spoke about the experience in the hospital immediately after the surgery.  K had had a painful procedure and was unable to recall the incident without becoming upset and crying.  An hour's session with EFT tapping resolved her "stuck energy" around the upsetting memory, which she can now talk about without re-experiencing the emotions.  She is no longer experiencing the annoying physical issues to the same degree now that she is more relaxed.  K also says that nightly EFT tapping helps her sleep well.


L is a top saleseman who wanted to work on his anxiety at work.  In spite of winning sales awards and consistently performing well, he felt burdened by fear and felt that it kept him from doing his best work.  It was unpleasant to work scared every day.  We searched for an early incident in which he might have experienced similar fear.  He recalled a frightening, over-the-top confrontation with his parent when he was a teen, and we tapped on the incident.  Within a few months he had taken steps to initiate new social relationships, make progress toward a personal "bucket list" goal, and also calmly challenge some of the institutional barriers in his organization that were holding him back at work.  He states now that "after one session, it helped me focus and start peeling the onion."


G is a rider who wants to enjoy jumping on her horse, but was having trouble keeping her jump position when approaching a fence.  The problem she was having not only interfered with jumping well, but also put her in danger of falling if not resolved.  Repeated practice was not improving it, and in fact was making her more nervous.  We worked on early stuck energy patterns around sports, performance and risk. Her first session resulted in a correct form over the fence, surprising both her and her trainer.  The improvement in her form was permanent when last we spoke.



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Featured Success Story:

 "I have benefited on a number of occasions from EFT as administered by Ange. Utilization of EFT during times of stress as well as at times of pain have had almost immediate, positive effects.

I find that I am more centered, more peaceful and less anxious following even short episodes of EFT. I especially appreciate the spoken phrases that accompany the tapping.

Those words are powerful and remind me of my value."



Meridian tapping techniques are currently considered complementary health approaches, not mainstream Western medicine. For current studies on EFT, TFT and other meridian tapping techniques, visit http://www.energypsych.org/?Research_Landing.  EFT and Meridian Tapping is not therapy or medicine.  My services are educational; I'm not a therapist, counselor or healthcare professional. I don't diagnose or treat. Tapping is not intended to take the place of psychological or medical care; it is intended to help you relieve stress to experience greater well-being.  Please consult a doctor or therapist for medical or psychological counseling needs.


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