Ange Finn

EFT International Accredited
Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner

Like most of my clients, I could not break through my own patterns and limitations—even though I yearned to feel my own brilliance, it felt out of reach to me.

In 2007 I was introduced to EFT tapping as a mental preparation technique for equestrian sport. The short demonstration I saw, by a prominent equestrian coach and rider, ignited my curiosity. I explored more about the original EFT technique, pioneered by Gary Craig. After having several sessions with a practitioner, I felt first-hand the power that tapping can have to help facilitate fast and long-lasting change.

Ange Finn

Knowing I wanted to be able to share this powerful technique with others, I trained with EFTInternational (formerly AAMET) Master Trainers to reach the level of Accredited Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner. I opened Tap Into Yourself, my personal growth coaching practice, in 2010, and began coaching with EFT and teaching it in groups and with individuals.

In 2016 I trained in the technique of TFT-Algorithms, taught by Suzanne Connolly. I have found the combination of TFT and EFT to be very helpful for my clients.

Teaching these techniques, I am privileged to facilitate and celebrate success over and over again, as my clients have the opportunity to make the positive changes they desire in their lives.

I continue to work with my own EFT coaches and mentors to keep growing. My trainers and mentors include Jade Barbee, Jondi Whitis, Lorna Minewiser, Betty Moore-Hafter, and Lynne Shaner.

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While Ange Finn is an experienced coach and EFT International Accredited Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner, she is not a psychologist, psychotherapist, physician, or other licensed health care provider.
Therefore, she does not provide any medical or psychological advice,
opinion, treatments or diagnosis in her coaching sessions.
Please refer to the Disclaimer for more information.