How I Coach

I believe you have your own brilliance. I believe that no matter what obstacles and challenges you’ve encountered in your life, your capacity for personal growth is undimmed.  Although you may not feel that way for now, know that is the vision I hold for you as we work together.

I also believe that your path to your growth is yours alone. No one can tell you how it should go; how fast it should happen; how long it should take. My role is to listen deeply, teach and facilitate the skills of using Tapping, and reflect your own brilliance back to you so it can begin to shine through.

Throughout our work together, we will focus on finding release of tension and noticing the relaxation in your body. With release of tension in the body an opening of the mind is possible. The premise of Tapping is that it’s easier to recognize and release old patterns of thought and behavior when your body finds ease and relaxation. You may find you notice better problem solving, or find more creativity in your thinking.

Working with me with EFT and TFT, methods of self-administered acupressure, you can learn to calm yourself in specific situations, as well as change patterns in your life.

In a session, you’ll follow me as I lead you through a prescribed routine
of gently tapping specific acupressure points.
The main Tapping techniques I use are EFT and TFT.

Using EFT:

While tapping, you state or concentrate on a problem or emotional state that you would like to shift, coupling it with a self-accepting statement. Then you follow as I lead you through tapping a combination of points located on the face and upper body, and sometimes the fingertips as well. We’ll retest how you are feeling after each round, and adjust the tapping statement as needed.

Using TFT:

You will mentally tune in to a problem or emotional state that you would like to shift, holding it lightly in awareness. I lead you through a pattern of tapping depending on what you have told me about the problem. When you notice a shift, we do a series of eye movements and repeat the tapping sequence.
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My Process

You want results. That’s why I offer self-administered acupressure with a process intended to help you achieve them:

In a session with me,
you will have the opportunity to learn how to:

These are some of the changes people report from using tapping:

I would love to show you how tapping can
make a difference in your own
life, work, and play.

Let’s have a complimentary discovery call to explore how we might work together.