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How Big Is Your Beach Ball?

When I teach or present EFT, I can always count on one question: “why do we emphasize the negative in the set up statement? Isn’t that just keeping us stuck in what we don’t want?”

It may seem that way, but this part of the tapping routine is really critical to success. Here’s the simple explanation to help you see why. 

Imagine a fully inflated beach ball in a pool. Does it take effort to hold a beach ball under water?  Yes.  What happens if you let it go?  It pops straight out of the water.  The bigger the ball, the further you’re holding it under, the bigger the splash when it pops up.

When we are trying to deny or repress our negative thoughts, experiences and emotions, it’s like holding a beach ball under water.  It takes effort and energy. That energy can be better spent enjoying our life and work, but first we have to let that beach ball come to the surface—and let the air out.  Read the rest of the article...


Recently someone new to EFT asked me questions about tapping for others vs. for ourselves. If someone has really hurt us, and forgiveness is our highest aim, can't we use tapping to forgive that person? Or do we need to use it for our own emotional response to the person and their actions? And does tapping on these painful emotions actually keep us from forgiveness?

My answer was unequivocal: tap on yourself. Because when we have painful emotions, and we relate them to the actions of others, we need to clear our feelings before being able to love and forgive the other. Once we've cleared out the pain, the forgiveness often emerges on its own.

But the question led me deep into thinking about tapping, emotions, forgiveness and self-awareness.  Read the rest of the article...

I love to do group work. The synergy of people tapping in a group and the multiplier effect of Borrowing Benefits makes group work energizing, fun, and cost effective for the participants.

To this end, I launched a group in May 2012 dedicated to removing blocks to abundance. My concept was to use the EFT philosophy rather than Law of Attraction or prosperity-mindset tenets, to see what could happen when sustained group work focused not on materializing income or goods, but on removing the energetic blocks to living an abundant life however the individual defines it.  Read the rest of the article...

Removing Blocks To Abundance: The Value of Group Work, Part 2

When I asked the participants how the group did or did not meet their expectations, one person said they expected we were going to spend a lot of time tapping for prosperity, money, success, etc. Instead, they found that by using the format of tapping to remove blocks, although they did not experience a large increase in income or business, they found themselves less inclined to remain a workaholic. They began to take time to relax and enjoy themselves, something they had previously not been able to do. Since they are paid according to the hours they work, this was a big shift, and best of all they began to meet their financial goals more easily even when occasionally taking time off.  Read the rest of the article...

EFT Brings Relief for Anxiety Attacks

I make many introduction to EFT presentations, as a great way to introduce tapping to wide audiences. Last year I made one to the 80 staff members of a health organization.

Sometimes the seeds planted don’t seem to sprout right away. But when you eventually learn that they have, the results can be amazing.

Months after the presentation, I was invited back to work with a patient support group. A nurse who helps patients navigate their treatment and support options was present as well.

Only one person came to the group that night, a woman fighting chronic pain after cancer treatment. She estimated the pain at a fairly constant level of 7-8. After two rounds, her pain reduced to a 4; after two more rounds, she was astonished to find it gone. She said she “felt wonderful” and it was rewarding to watch her transform from appearing tense and miserable to happy and upbeat.  Read the rest of the article...

Diffusing Anxiety When EFT Cuts Too Close

When we start using EFT on our own to address the traumas from our past, often by tapping along with scripts or videos, we sometimes have a tapping session that leaves us unsettled.

We may feel anxious, edgy, or even fearful. In some way, our body is telling us things aren’t right. This can be frustrating when we’re working alone. We may think EFT isn’t “working right” or question if we’re “doing it right”.

In reality, when that happens we can pat ourselves on the back, because we’re on track to getting some real work done. In the process, it’s just that we have activated our Sentinel and our Protector. If we recognize this, we can keep using EFT to help retrain our Sentinel and our Protector. Read the rest of the article...

How Big Is Your Beach Ball?

When I teach or present EFT, I can always count on one question: “why do we emphasize the negative in the set up statement? Isn’t that just keeping us stuck in what we don’t want?”

It may seem that way, but this part of the tapping routine is really critical to success. Here’s the simple explanation to help you see why.  Read the rest of the article...


When EFT “Doesn’t Work” – Customizing Your Setup Phrasing to Break Old Patterns

We just have to accept that tapping doesn’t always work. Or do we? If it seems like shortcut EFT the way we’ve always done it isn’t helping, it may not be that we need to go to collarbone breathing or the 9-Gamut or other fancier tapping strategies. We may just need to work more creatively on our art of delivery, and recognize the difference between addressing specific events and addressing patterns.

Having full faith in the power of EFT in my life, I knew there couldn’t possibly be a situation that the classic formula of the Setup phrase wouldn’t fit or fix. Until last summer.  Read the rest of the article...

For more EFT resources, articles and case studies, visit EFTFree.net.

Meridian tapping techniques are currently considered complementary health approaches, not mainstream Western medicine. For current studies on EFT, TFT and other meridian tapping techniques, visit http://www.energypsych.org/?Research_Landing.  EFT and Meridian Tapping is not therapy or medicine.  My services are educational; I'm not a therapist, counselor or healthcare professional. I don't diagnose or treat. Tapping is not intended to take the place of psychological or medical care; it is intended to help you relieve stress to experience greater well-being.  Please consult a doctor or therapist for medical or psychological counseling needs.


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