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Receiving A Serious Diagnosis--Your Experiences

Jondi Whitis and Ange Finn are creating an e-book to help others cope with receiving a serious health diagnosis--a guide to provide you and those you love, with creative, pro-active support, realistic actions and practical steps for dealing with this part of your life safely, calmly, and on your own terms.

This guide is intended for:

Those who’ve had a serious medical diagnosis, or anticipate receiving one

Those whose loved one has had a serious medical diagnosis, or anticipates receiving one 

Those in health crisis or transition

Those who work in healthcare in diagnosis, treatment or hospice

Those who wish to support others going through these challenges 

If this describes you, and you'd like to support this project by sharing your experiences, we invite you to answer the questions below. You may answer as many or as few as you like. If you give permission to for us to share or quote your experiences in the e-book and supporting materials, please check the box at the end of the form.

Thank you for passing on your wisdom to help others!

Your Name (optional)
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What one thing stands out to you about the moment of receiving your diagnosis (or your loved one’s diagnosis)?  Is anything about it still triggering to you today?

What are some of the things you did in the early days after getting your diagnosis (or your loved one’s diagnosis)?  Which ones were helpful?  Which ones were least helpful?

Do you use non-medical techniques or lifestyle changes to help you through this? What are they? Which ones help the most?

Some people prefer to be an active part of their healthcare team and the decision making. Others prefer to follow their healthcare team's lead and plan of action. Which approach best describe you/your loved one? 

Is there a moment or moments that stand out to you, when a member of your/loved one’s healthcare team did something that really lifted your spirits, affirmed you/loved one as a person, or otherwise uplifted you?

Is there a big "take-away" to share from your journey thus far, that would help someone going through a serious health challenge?

By checking this box, I agree that you may quote or refer to my submitted comments in your project.

Thank you!

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