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Tapping Results


My clients talk about how the tapping process has worked for them:

"I am constantly amazed at the changes that are taking place in my life. My mindfulness and awareness of my influence on the narrative of my life is growing."


"I have had only Skype sessions with Ange, but from the first session it was as if she had known me for a long time. She is intuitive and compassionate in dealing with each issue. She offers sound professional advice and methods in such a way that gives you the confidence to take those methods and do them independently with the same results. She does not complicate 'tapping into your inner strength' as something you can never achieve without a professional. She comes along side as a confidant and trusted friend with the professionalism and training of a mentor and teacher in EFT. She has a calming and peaceful demeanor, yet emits strength and fortitude to tackle your fears, worries, anxieties and problems with EFT. I was not a skeptic but did wonder about tapping and how it would help me, but after my first session I was a believer and will use what Ange has taught me in all areas of my life."

B. B.

"I was at a Tapping presentation which Ange Finn put on and reluctantly went along with the process, expecting that no results would be felt from such a simple process.  I was totally wrong. The relaxation felt was immediate and very unexpected from what I thought would be felt. Anyone who is skeptical as I was should check it out and then judge for themselves."


"Bella and I are doing so much better, I can't thank you enough!!"

Terrie D., rider, and Bella, her horse 

"THANK YOU so, so much! That was more helpful, in more unexpected ways, than I ever imagined."

Amy T.

"I have benefited on a number of occasions from EFT as administered by Ange. Utilization of EFT during times of stress as well as at times of pain have had almost immediate, positive effects. I find that I am more centered, more peaceful and less anxious following even short episodes of EFT. I especially appreciate the spoken phrases that accompany the tapping. Those words are powerful and remind me of my value."

Sandy E.

"With your help, I have bested my anxiety and am free to focus on the goal of becoming the best horsewoman I can be. When we began, I couldn't imagine how "tapping" and self-assurance could help me overcome my deeply engrained post-accident phobia of unfamiliar horses. Now, I am a believer."

Carol A.

"Working with Ange has been a real treat.  She's kind, compassionate and has a great sense of humour. She listens deeply when you speak, making you feel heard and understood. More importantly than that, she uses her insight to bring to your awareness the unseen parts of your story--the parts that are causing your blocks. She'll throw in unexpected phrases as you tap and, as you hear them, you have these "aha" moments that completely change your perception of a situation and release the old emotions associated with it."

Kelly R.

The stories on the home page are all factual, used with the kind permission of people I have helped with meridian tapping techniques.  

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Meridian tapping techniques are currently considered complementary health approaches, not mainstream Western medicine. For current studies on EFT, TFT and other meridian tapping techniques, visit http://www.energypsych.org/?Research_Landing.  EFT and Meridian Tapping is not therapy or medicine.  My services are educational; I'm not a therapist, counselor or healthcare professional. I don't diagnose or treat. Tapping is not intended to take the place of psychological or medical care; it is intended to help you relieve stress to experience greater well-being.  Please consult a doctor or therapist for medical or psychological counseling needs.

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