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Go from Ow to Wow

We all know what Ow feels like. 

Ow is crippling anxiety that makes it hard to get through a day.

Ow is physical pain that drains you, and changes your mood and personality.

Ow is troubling memories that re-trigger you constantly.

Ow is difficult relationships which set you on edge, keep you up at night, rob you of peace of mind.

Ow is trying so many things, yet nothing changes.

Wouldn't you rather experience Wow? 

Working with me to use the Go From Ow To WowSM process with self-administered acupressure techniques, you can

In a session, you'll follow me as I lead you through a prescribed routine of gently tapping specific acupressure points.

While tapping, you state or concentrate on a problem or emotional state that needs resolution, coupling it with a self-accepting statement. It's simple, yet powerful.

The best known meridian tapping technique is EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques.

I use the main eight points of the EFT "short-cut" technique for most sessions, with other acupressure points and methods added when needed. The main points to tap are on the face, upper body, and hands as shown at right.

This makes tapping quick to do and easy to use in almost any situation.

The tapping technique has been used by thousands of people who've found their Wow:


Relief from anxiety and stressful feelings

Better pain management, sometimes full relief from pain

Greater sense of calm

Effective anger management

Improved thinking and problem-solving

Better sleep

Peak performance in work and sports

Relief from the energy patterns of past traumatic incidents or memories

Improved ability to access skills

The Go From Ow To WowSM Process

You want results. That's why I offer self-administered acupressure with a process to help you achieve them:

  • Assessments at the beginning of your work with me to determine what outcomes you're looking for
  • Measurement tools that let you assess your own degree of stress vs. relaxation at both the beginning and the end of sessions
  • Whole body/whole brain exercises combined with self-administered acupressure (aka tapping) for best results
  • Coaching to use the Go From Ow To WowSM process on your own
  • Tracking of your progress toward your goals using the Go From Ow To WowSM process
  • Support between sessions when you need it

Using the Go From Ow To WowSM process in a session with me, you will learn how to:

  • Do the technique
  • Identify issues that may be holding you back
  • Craft your own set-up statements to get quicker results
  • Feel the shift in emotional and physical tone that signals you are making progress
  • Apply the technique in different ways and different settings
  • Practice the method on your own

Acupressure has been used for centuries in Asian health practices, and Western studies are exploring its efficacy for a variety of uses.  EFT/Meridian tapping techniques based on acupressure points are also being studied, with encouraging results including:

Positive changes in the nervous, endocrine and immune systems suggesting a reduction in stress and increase in healthy bodily functions

Reducing hyper-arousal that occurs in stress

Reducing symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as measured by standardized tests (studied in randomized controlled trials with veterans)

Aligning brain waves

I would love to show you how the Go From Ow To WowSM process can make a difference in your own life, work, and play.  Call or email me today for a complimentary 20-minute phone visit.

I also specialize in helping equestrians.  Please visit www.ridewithoutfear.com for more information.



About Ange Finn

I am an AAMET Accredited Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner.  I became interested in EFT tapping after discovering it as a mental preparation technique for sport.  Learning about it from a prominent equestrian coach and rider led me to explore the original EFT technique pioneered by Gary Craig.  After having several sessions with a practitioner, I learned first hand the power of tapping to facilitate fast and long-lasting change. 

Knowing I wanted to be able to share this powerful technique with others, I trained in it and began applying it and teaching it both in groups and with individuals.  I believe that the secret to personal growth lies inside each of us. Teaching the technique and working in sessions with people, I see and celebrate success over and over again in helping them Go From Ow To WowSM in their lives. I have written several articles on my use of EFT with others and with my own life; please visit the Wow: Success Stories page for links. 

I have studied and used mindfulness techniques for personal growth for almost 40 years.  I continue to work with my own EFT coaches and mentors to keep growing. My trainers and mentors include Jade Barbee, Jondi Whitis, Betty Moore-Hafter and Lynne Shaner.  I'm also trained in Picture Tapping Technique with Phillip Davis.

I look forward to helping you find your Wow!



How to Tap

Make a Setup phrase:
“Even though I have this (name problem or issue),  I completely accept myself." 
Say your set-up phrase three times while tapping on the “karate chop” point, on the side of the hand opposite the thumb. 
This focuses your attention.
Round One:
Tap 5–7 times on the points on the chart above, using a reminder phrase from your set-up statement: 
eyebrow point
side of eye; under eye
under nose
under lip (chin point)
under arm
top of head.  
After Round One, check in to your mind and body; see how you feel.
Continue with many rounds as needed to feel a shift, relaxation, or release of your anxiety, worry or  fear.
Round Two and subsequent rounds:
Tap 5–7 times on the basic points, using a reminder phrase or saying "This remaining (briefly state problem)": 
eyebrow point
side of eye
under eye
under nose
under lip (chin point)
under arm
top of head

Signs that you are relaxing and your tension is shifting are:  feeling sleepy, feeling relaxed, yawning, sighing, breathing deeply. 



Meridian tapping techniques are currently considered complementary health approaches, not mainstream Western medicine. For current studies on EFT, TFT and other meridian tapping techniques, visit http://www.energypsych.org/?Research_Landing.  EFT and Meridian Tapping is not therapy or medicine.  My services are educational; I'm not a therapist, counselor or healthcare professional. I don't diagnose or treat. Tapping is not intended to take the place of psychological or medical care; it is intended to help you relieve stress to experience greater well-being.  Please consult a doctor or therapist for medical or psychological counseling needs.

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