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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Make It About You

In two different one-on-one sessions I led recently, I was reminded of something deceptively simple--a way we unwittingly sabotage ourselves. It happens when we switch during a tapping session from helping ourselves to trying to help someone else.

In each case, the tapper was struggling with a difficult relationship that activated troubling, habitual, lifelong patterns for them. We spent some time tapping on each tapper's concern for, empathy for, and worry about the other person.

It reminded me why, when I run intensive group programs, I have this ground rule: "If you want to fix their stuff, tap on your stuff."

It's hard to do our own work. It's a lot easier to be concerned about someone else who's not doing their work. (Yes, I fall into this trap too.)

And while it's important to be empathetic about the suffering of others, it's every bit as important to help ourselves transform our own suffering.

The beauty of tapping, especially with a practitioner, is that you'll eventually see the trap.

When misplaced concern creeps in, I don't preach or judge. I'm simply acting as a mirror and leading rounds of tapping using the tapper's own words and feelings. And in each case the person quickly recognized how they had misplaced their energy, and focused themselves back on their own work.

When you find yourself worrying about someone else, just take a moment and ask, "what is it in my life that needs to addressed and healed right now?"

Let me know how I can help you address and heal it.
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Monday, January 20, 2014

How to Tap/Tap For Pain Management

If you're new to this page, the best way to learn to tap is to watch a tapping routine, follow along, and tap on something you can really measure easily.  For most of us, using tapping on pain is a good way for us to see the benefits quickly.

So, please browse the site and learn all you can about EFT tapping; but if you're interested in getting hands-on right away, watch this.

I've taught tapping to hundreds of people, and many of them have used it to manage painful conditions such as sciatica, arthritis, lingering pain from injuries and accidents, joint pain, headaches, and more.  Of all the applications of EFT (and after all, it's called an Emotional Freedom Technique), using it to for physical relaxation and relief from pain or tension can be so satisfying and immediate. 

Try it out.  If the link above doesn't work, here's the full URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1v6sOQClXak
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Stealth Tapping

You already know tapping's a fantastic tool. But what about those times when you need it and just can't do the full routine? Like when you're in that meeting that's driving you crazy.  Or in your annual performance review. Or at a family gathering.  Or...or...or 

There are many times when you want to tap, but don't want to draw attention to your tapping.

That's the time for what I call stealth tapping. Here are some stealth tap tips.

--Finger points. These are my favorite stealth tap go-to. They are at the base of each fingernail, on the side of the nail closest to the body as you look at the back of your hands.  If you'd like a chart of these and the wrist points, email me.

--Touch a face point. There are two or three face points that we routinely touch in everyday life. These are easy points to touch so that you activate the point but not in an attention-drawing way. You can meditatively tap your chin point a couple of times; gently rub the side of eye point; rest a finger on the under-nose point (the classic 'hmmm, I'm thinking' pose); or massage the two eyebrow points.  Some folks also touch the area of the collarbone, so you can also turn a quick touch or massage into a stealth tap.

--Imagine tapping all the points.  It will activate the same areas of the brain as if you touched them.

--Wrist-holding. While not a part of the original EFT tapping points, tapping or holding the wrist is something I teach and use myself. There are acupoints along the wrist crease, and also a couple of inches up the forearm, which are very calming. It's easy, and very unobtrusive, to gently hold the wrist with your hands in your lap or on a table.

There's another trick to know.  You actually turbocharge the effect by doing any (or all!) of these actions deliberately. Acknowledge and intend that you're activating your tapping points.  You'll love the result.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Join Me for $10 Tapping Tuesday

Today's not so much a blog post, as an announcement and reminder that my Tapping Tuesdays start Jan. 14 at A Healing Collective.  Group tapping is a fun and easy way to release stress, learn or practice tapping, and enjoy each other. 

Tapping Tuesdays are a bargain--a steal, really--at $10/person, paid at the door.  Come join us.
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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Panda-Keeper's Wisdom

Last fall we visited the San Diego Zoo, and of course spent a lot of time at the panda exhibit. The volunteer docent on duty that day has worked with the mama panda, Bai Yun, since she came to the Zoo.

As we watched Bai Yun and her son moving around the enclosure, we saw that their white was yellowish in places, and their fur was a bit matted. The docent was filling us in on Bai Yun, who's an extraordinary panda mom, and she said something I'll never forget: "She is not soft, and she is not sparkling white. That's because she's real."

How often do we judge ourselves harshly because we, too, are not picture perfect and our lives don't look tidy? We're real. That's all we need to be, just as Bai Yun doesn't need to look like a stuffed toy to be an excellent panda mom to her cubs.

Still, this is the time of year when we like to spruce ourselves up a bit. At the New Year, we like to renew ourselves. If you've made some resolutions, and would like tapping help to keep them, I've made you a video to help.

Maybe this is the year you've decided to really put tapping to work for yourself by working with a practitioner.
Contact me to book a session to work on your New Year New You.

Just remember, you don't have to be soft and sparkling--you just have to be real.

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