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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Get Your Royal Jelly

I was reading the other day about how queen bees get created. You see, all the bee larvae start out equal, and all receive a little bit of the divine royal jelly for a while. But at a certain point one hatchling is mysteriously selected to be fed exclusively royal jelly while the others get only pollen and nectar.

This hatchling becomes the queen of the hive, while the others become worker bees and drones. Now, I'm guessing that you, like me, did not get selected in your family to be a ruling monarch. I was not raised on the magic ingredient that would make me the "queen" of my own life. In terms of my energy system, I was fed a lot of garbage--negative energies, actions and messages--that got mixed in with whatever energetic royal jelly I also received. I'm not saying this to blame my family or our society--just to note that there's a lot of negativity and sometimes actual harm that we encounter as we grow up.

But as I thought of this little analogy, I reminded myself...unlike bees, we humans get the chance to remake our lives. We get to go from drone to ruler of our lives, through our own efforts and the help of others. In effect, if we choose to, we can start giving ourselves the royal jelly of metamorphosis, no matter how badly we were "fed" as we grew up.

What's royal jelly for you? For me, it was EFT tapping. I had done a lot of things to turn my life around and overcome some tough early experiences. Some helped a bit. But none of them really made me start feeling like the monarch of my own self and what happens in my life, in the way EFT did.

So I make sure I feed myself some "royal jelly" every day, with tapping. How about you? What's your "royal jelly"? And are you getting enough of it in your life right now?

For my Houston readers...just a reminder that we're having a fun Tapping and Healthy Eating workshop on Sept. 12.  You can sign up here!
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Do you care that it's weird looking?

Last week was a fun week as I presented EFT publicly at a conference for Direct Care Workers on Monday, and privately to staff of a major financial firm on Tuesday.  The Care Workers were really groovin' on tapping, and for one round we even used "sound effects"--what does "this job stress sound like?"  Believe me, there was some energy being shifted.

The next day, the group was just as motivated and all tapped along just as heartily.  But one guy had the guts to say what a lot of people are thinking the first time they learn and try EFT:  "yes, my energy shifted AND I feel silly doing it!"

That's understandable!  Tapping does look...odd, shall we say.  And I'm always touched and honored by the people who attend my Intro sessions, who jump right in and follow me doing the tapping, because I know it's got to feel unusual, silly, even weird.

Until you realize it works.

So I usually tell people, I used to be self-conscious about tapping in public, even when I became a practitioner.  But now?  I couldn't care less what it looks like.  Because it works.

I had some fun playing around with that idea, and made a little video for your enjoyment.  Take a one minute video break and watch:  http://bit.ly/153qbf7
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