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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Really--What Is Enough?

Sometimes we despair that humans are so acquisitive, so willing to fight to take over and control the resources of others.  We should be above that.  Shouldn't we be content to manage what we have, especially if we already have a lot?

Yesterday, I watched two sparrows acting out the same impulse at my bird feeder.  The bird feeder has four perches.  It's designed only for smaller songbirds, so that the bigger birds can't drain it.  Bounteous, right?  Apparently, these two female sparrows decided that this feeder wasn't big enough for the both of them.

As soon as one would occupy one of the four perches, the other would lose no time in hopping onto the same perch.  Name calling and hair pulling would ensue (or the sparrow equivalent).  Eventually one of the two would move to another perch.  And the drama would start all over.

Very little eating was going on.  This was a power play, pure and simple.  As each sparrow tried to control all the perches in her line of vision, she was so busy trying to gain the best feeding position that she was giving up the chance to actually eat. 

As I looked at the half-full bird feeder, with plenty of room and food for these two sparrows, I thought of how we humans also succumb to this universal animal impulse.

How much is enough, then?  How many good opportunities are we missing while eyeing what we don't have? Can we ever be satisfied with the bounty that's right in front of us?  Learning to do so is the lesson of almost all the wisdom traditions of the world. 

Next time I'm tempted to believe that I'd be happier if I just had X, or more of Y, I'll remember the two sparrows, and ask myself if I'm ignoring the riches available right in front of me.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

When a Pet Passes On

A few weeks ago, we made the incredibly hard decision to euthanize our dog, Chloe, our companion of 15 years.  Chloe was, of course, a family member, part of our pack, but she was also our teacher.  She came to us with high anxiety, and a dislike of being around men.  We spent the next 15 years learning ever more about our personal energies and how they affected her, so that we could help her relax and feel safe. 

We grew in our ability to be good pack leaders for Chloe and to be more aware of our own moods and energy.  In return, she grew more able with each passing year to handle the ups and downs of life, even though she never became a laid-back dog.

The decision to euthanize Chloe was agonizing.  We used all those things we'd learned in 15 years, plus heavy doses of Emotional Freedom Technique, to make it through the euthanasia.  And we did another thing--we consciously worked, with intention, on how we hoped and wanted the procedure to go.  Chloe's natural nervousness at the vet's office (where she had boarded as well as had her routine health work done) was weighing heavily on our minds.  So we put our EFT tapping and intention-setting to work to create as peaceful a situation as possible for those last moments.

Again, Chloe was our teacher.  Had she been a more easy-going dog all her life, we might not have thought of the need to plan intentionally for her passing.  Meaning we'd likely have been more emotionally blindsided, or less mindfully present, on the day itself.  But she gave us one last lesson, and for that, as well as for all her days with us, I'm forever grateful.

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